Underground Utility Detection Services

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[fontawesome-regular--location-slash] About Underground Utility Location Services This course will offer hands-on activities and real-world...

Work-Based Learning

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About Work-Based Learning This program offers a combination of school and workplace learning with local employers. Students work off-site...

Auto Service Technology

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About Auto Service Technology AST I encompasses the sub topics of the NATEF/ ASE identified areas of Steering & Suspension and Braking...

Industrial Automation & Robotics

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About Industrial Automation & Robotics Classroom and laboratory experiences that prepare students with technical knowledge and...

BTI/ College Prep

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About Business Technology and Internships Experience a professional work environment and atmosphere that includes the expectations and...

Construction Trades

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About Construction Trades CT I prepares students with the basic skills needed to continue in a construction trade field. Topics include...


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About Cosmetology Cosmetology develops proficiency in all skills of beauty culture. Activities include shampoos and sets, permanents,...

Criminal Justice

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About Criminal Justice Criminal Justice I provides an introduction to the purposes, functions, and history of the criminal justice system...

Education Professions

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About Education Professions ED I provides a general introduction to the field of teaching. Students explore educational careers, teaching...

Emergency Medical Services (Responder)

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About Emergency Medical Services Students will learn to recognize the seriousness of the patient’s condition, use the appropriate...

Fire and Rescue

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About Fire and Rescue F&R I introduces students to the roles that firefighters play to protect the public from the loss of life and...

Health Science Education I

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About Health Science Education I This course will prepare students to take the Indiana State Department of Health Certified Nursing...

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