Why Hinds?

Hinds Career Center challenges the belief that an expensive four-year education is the best path for the most people, and confronts the outdated stereotypes of “vocational” education that continue to drive kids and parents away from a long list of worthwhile, lucrative and rewarding careers.

High schools across the country are expecting that nearly all students prepare for a four year degree. “The ticket to success is a four year college degree” they say. At graduation time, they boast of the high percentage of their students entering college. However, that’s only half of the story. The rest is that about 50% of those students drop out after the first year.
In fact, less than 20% of a typical high school graduating class actually earns that four year degree, and a majority of those graduates are saddled with tens of thousands of dollars of college debt that will take decades to pay off!

Meanwhile, the other 80-85% of high school graduates may well be unskilled and untrained, therefore, unemployable unless they were forward thinking in high school by enrolling in a career-technical program. Many of the best employment opportunities that exist today require some post-secondary education and technical skills, not a four year college diploma.

Believe it or not, in the United States, there are three million jobs going unfilled. Employers can’t seem to find the right match for more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs alone.

The transportation, utilities, and trades sectors have almost half a million jobs open, waiting for the right applicant with the technical, communication, and employability skills they need.

Hinds Career Center is the region’s best opportunity for students to learn those technical, communication, and employability skills essential for career success. Students that complete a career-technical program at Hinds Career Center can graduate on a path that provides options of pursuing post-secondary education toward an associate or bachelor degree, training through a technical college, apprenticeship in a trade, or direct entry into the workforce.

Expand, not limit, your options! For more information, please view our videos and come see us.

Our Mission

Hinds Career Center provides the learning environment necessary for success in mastering those life-long skills essential for success in continuing education, the work force, and the community through career preparation emphasizing technical, communication and teamworking skills.

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