Attendance Information

  1. Students enrolled from all schools are expected to be in attendance when Hinds Career Center is in session.
  2. A parent /guardian is expected to notify the school each day of absence to explain the reason for the absence. When no phone is in the home, a note shall be presented upon the student’s return to school. Messages may be placed on the attendance reporting voicemail (552-1900).
  3. If the parent requests the school to call to confirm their child’s absence, office personnel will make effort to contact the home to seek the reason for absence.
  4. Except those activities approved by School Board action or provided for by law, students are discouraged from attending functions not of school nature during a school day.
  5. The Director shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in determining the classification of an excuse and the penalties for absence or tardiness.
  6. At the discretion of school authorities, a student may be required to present a doctor's certificate following an absence from school.
  7. Any student who is absent because of a contagious disease/condition/quarantine may be requested to have a doctor’s excuse/release before being readmitted to school.


Grading Period (per 9 weeks) In each grade period the 1st and 2nd absences are excused provided:
  1. the Career Center office is notified of the reason for the absence, and
  2. the reason is valid (see Reasons for Absence).
Each grade period, the 3rd absence and each thereafter is unexcused without a valid medical excuse (unless special circumstances warrant an extension beyond the 3rd absence, ex: death in family).

In each semester, absences accumulate and are recorded as excused or unexcused according to the above listed information.

Without a valid medical excuse, when the student reaches the following limits the:
  • 6th unexcused absence will result in reduction of 1 credit,
  • 8th unexcused absence will result in reduction of 2 credits,
  • 10th unexcused absence will result in loss of remaining credit.


Excused absences are defined as absences that Hinds Career Center regards as legitimate reasons for being out of school. These include:
  1. Illness verified by note from parent/guardian (up to two days per grade period)
  2. Illness during which time the student is under the care of a physician. Documentation required. (Attendance Officer may ask for a Certificate of Incapacity form to be completed and signed by a physician.) (IC 20-33-2-18)
  3. Absences due to medical or dental appointments. (Documentation required)
  4. A dangerous communicable disease or infestation with parasites transmittable through normal school contacts
  5. Absence due to bereavement of immediate family member (confirmation from parents needed.)
  6. Participation in State Fair (5 days max.)
  7. Absence due to religious instruction (IC 20-33-2-19)
  8. Absence related to military family events (e.g. deployment and return)
  9. Other reasons granted by the Director.
The governing body of the school corporation may authorize the absence and excuse of a student who attends any educationally related non-classroom activity if the activity:
  1. is consistent with and promotes the educational philosophy and goals of the school corporation; facilitates the
  2. attainment of specific educational objectives;
  3. is part of the goals and objectives of an approved course or curriculum;
  4. represents a unique educational opportunity;
  5. cannot reasonably occur without interrupting the school day; and
  6. is approved in writing by the school principal.
Legal Reference: IC 20-33-2-17.5

Under Indiana Code, a student is excused from attending school for:
  1. serving as a page or honoree of the General Assembly (IC 20-33-2-14)
  2. serving as a poll worker on election day (IC 20-33-2-15)
  3. absences due to legal appointments and court hearings (IC 20-33-2-16)
  4. ordered active duty with IN Nat. Guard – 10 days max. /academic year (IC 20-33-2-17)
  5. participation in the IN wing of civil air patrol (IC 20-33-2-17.2)
In each of these circumstances, the student is excused from school and is not to be recorded as absent, and is not to be penalized in any way by the school. Certain school trips fall under this exception, as well as individual student absences. Students have been excused from attendance to participate in various academic bowls, band trips, for attendance at local, state, or federal government proceedings, or to hear various public speakers or performers.

An unexcused absence is any absence not covered under the definition of excused or exempt.

With the emphasis on increased academic achievement and improvement of attendance under Public Law 221 & the No Child Left Behind Act, Hinds Career Center expects daily attendance for all students. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that absences from school beyond normal school vacations have a negative effect on school performance. Not all work can be made up, especially lab and activity classes.

Occasionally, a student must be absent from school due to unique circumstances, which does not include taking or extending a vacation. The parent may choose to remove the child for a vacation or to extend a school vacation; however, absences for theses reasons will not be excused. When the absence is known in advance, the parent/guardian is to obtain from the school office, complete, and submit to the Director a Request for Pre-Arranged Absence form. This request must be submitted early enough in advance of the first date of planned absence to allow for director review and teacher notification for classroom assignment determination.

Approval of a pre-arranged absence will be granted at the discretion of the director considering factors including the student’s attendance record, dates of requested absence, length of and reason for the absence, and persons accompanying the student. The director shall determine the absence as excused, unexcused, or a non-absence. Days missed, while pre-arranged, are considered absences from school and will accumulate toward attendance policy limits (unless unique circumstances are determined by the director). Students are accountable for all classroom assignments. Assignments are due upon return form the absence or at the discretion of the teacher.

In general, the expectation of student attendance exists when Hinds Career Center & Elwood Community Schools are in session; however, several scenarios exist that may necessitate deviation from the normal schedule of classes.

If a student is unable to attend due to poor road conditions, an absence will be excused if the number of absences are within the attendance policy guidelines (2 per grading period).

Delayed Start
  • If Hinds CC is delayed, Elwood students attend on EJSHS.schedule. Sending Schools the AM class attendance is not required, but PM classes meet at 1:30-3:15.
  • Sending School is delayed.  Elwood students will attend.  AM class attendance is not required unless the home school provides transportation. The PM classes on Hinds normal schedule
  • Both Schools are delayed.  Elwood students attend on EJSHS schedule.  The AM class attendance is not required unless the home school provides transportation. PM classes meet 1:30-3:15
  • Hinds CC is closed.  No classes will meet.
  • Sending School is closed.  Elwood students attend.  Sending school students are not expected to be in attendance unless the closure is due to non-weather related causes.
Early Dismissal
  • Hinds CC is dismissed.  Early Classes will meet on an abbreviated schedule to be determined.
  • Sending School is released early.  Elwood students attend.  Sending school students in AM classes may be on an abbreviated schedule due to home school schedule of classes. PM classes expected arrival time is determined considering the release time of students from school.

Elwood Students attend on ECSC calendar.  Due to different dates of Fall and Spring breaks (only) in the sending schools individual instructors may allow class
time to be “banked” to substitute for days of the sending school break; otherwise attendance is expected in accordance with Hinds Career Center academic calendar.

Documentation of “banked” time: A time log is to be submitted to the instructor by the end of the semester in which the break occurs. The instructor will then submit the log to the  Director for review and approval in order for absences during breaks to be exempt.

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